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February 6, 2016


The First Ethereum Browser

This is a working progress, but has the first Dapp (Decentralised App), which is the ethereum wallet.

Eventually this browser will host dapps, that allow you to, transfer ownership of your property, issue a local currency, create marriage contracts, create business contracts, create rental contracts, transfer money, buy insurance, submit your vote to different organisations you are part of, verify information, collect “Wisdom of the Crowd” intelligence, take out a loan, investing portal, and the list goes on. ¬†All backed by a the World 100% transparent Computer global governance system.

It will basically be an extremely empowering experience using these types of browsers, that will offer equality for humanity in all corners of the globe.

Below is an image of what it may look like in 1 years time, there is no timeline on when DAPPs will get release, they will be released when they get released.


Download Mist

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